How to Fix / Remove Skin Blemishes in Photoshop

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In this Photoshop tutorial, our photo editor will show you the easiest way to remove and remove acne blemishes and other blemishes in Photoshop. Many times you have portraits or passport photos that must be retouched to have a clearer and cleaner face, without pimples, wrinkles and more.

What is Blemishes Skin:

A little intro of what is Skin Blemishes or imperfections, it refer to the elements that alter the natural appearance and health of the skin. These irregularities originate from very diverse causes. In addition, they can be presented separately or together.

The most common Blemishes or skin imperfections are acne, blackheads and blemishes:

It is a skin condition that is usually related to the hormonal variation that we suffer naturally. For this reason, in most cases it occurs during adolescence. Stress, the consumption of some drugs and the use of cosmetics with a high oil content are other factors that can cause this condition.

#Black Spots
Blackheads are a type of skin blemishes that appear when the sebaceous glands increase their natural oil production. This produces excess sebum that clogs the pores.

The spots correspond to hyperpigmentation of the skin. The most frequent spots are those caused by solar lentigines -due to exposure to ultraviolet rays-, melasma – due to hormonal changes during pregnancy- and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation -generated as a result of the healing of an injury.


Video Tutorial of this photo’s Blemishes Removal:

Lets discuss about How to Remove Blemishes in Photoshop now:

Step 1: We select the image:

We open the image we want to retouch in Photoshop. If you want to practice, I recommend you find an image on one of these free image sites like unsplash, pexels, stocksnap,
or you can use this one used in this tutorial:

skin with blemishes and spots

The first thing we will do is duplicate the layer of our image with Layer > Duplicate Layer > Ok . So we’ll be working with the top layer so we always know what we’re removing by looking at the bottom layer.

Duplicate layar in photoshop

Step 2: Spot Healing Brush Tool to Remove Acne:

Now, we need to select the Spot Healing Brush tool. This is the tool that will allow us to remove and eliminate any punctual imperfection / Blemishes in our images.

spot healing brush tool in photoshop

Now, depending on the size of our image, we are going to select the size of our correction brush in the upper bar. In this case, a size of 9 is being used because it is accurate to the size of the grains.

Photoshop Tool to remove acne pimples and blemishes from the face with Photoshop Also, you have 3 options to choose the type of correction: Proximity Blending, Texture Creation, Content-aware. The easiest way to correct is with Content-Aware, because Photoshop takes into account the surrounding content in order to correct.

select spot healing brush in photoshop

Then we will be giving small clicks on the acne pimples in the image to be able to correct them. The best thing is that we zoom in on the image to do it with greater precision. You can also click and drag the brush to correct larger wrinkles or imperfections.

Step 3: Imperfections, grains on the edges:

There may be types of blemishes or pimples that require the brush to be even smaller. You can change the size of the brush in the following window that is accessed from the top bar of the tool. Furthermore, you can change the shape of the brush with the two points shown in the following image . This is perfect for correcting acne pimples in areas near lines or edges.

Final result: Face without Blemishes / Imperfections:

You should keep using the acne removal tool, and you can get a face without acne marks, as shown below:

final pic after removing blemishes and spots in photoshop

You should keep using the healing brush tool in photoshop, and you can get a face without acne marks.

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