How to Change Eye Color in Photoshop – Video Tutorial

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A lot of different touch-ups need to be made depending on the person in an image. For example, some photos may need object removed while others will need eyes adjusted. If you care about your work and want to pursue a career in design, graphics, photo editing, don’t miss the opportunity to learn photography. We’ll share some helpful photoshop tips and keep showing you how it’s done!

Making adjustments to the camera like adjusting the Dimensions, Exposure time and ISO value is important for capturing what you want. When you view these photos on your computer, they might not be exactly how you want them. For example, maybe you’re not happy with how the photo turned out due to a technicality or don’t like the way your eyebrows look in the photo. If the gaze is the mirror of your soul, you want these photos to come out in the best possible way..

Changing the eye color in a photo can be due to several factors, such as highlighting small details of a person’s iris or changing the color completely. The changes can be made to have artistic effects like making a white or orange eye point towards some kind of supernatural being lurking in the photo.

Our expert photo editor is going to show you a very simple technique to change the color of the eyes of a photograph using Adobe Photoshop.

Video Tutorial:

Change Color of Eyes in Photoshop:

STEP 1 > Image

1. Open your image in Photoshop.

2. Duplicate the Background layer by pressing Crtl+J.

STEP 2 > Adjust Hue and Saturation

3. Create a new Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.

4. Move the Hue sliders to the color you like best and increase the saturation.

5. Select the Mask of the Hue/Saturation layer and press Ctrl+i to invert the mask.

STEP 3 > Brush

6. Activate the diffuse circular brush tool.

7. The foreground color changes to white and the background color to black.

8. In the options bar change the opacity to 100%

9. Start brushing over the eyes to apply the color change.

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