Object / Person Removal on Few Clicks in Photoshop

August 1, 2022By 0

Here’s how to remove anything from your images, like people and other distracting items, with the Content-Aware Fill tool in Photoshop.

Video Tutorial:

Select Object

To remove an object, first select it. You don’t need to make a perfect selection, but it should be big enough to blend into the environment.

Use the Content-Aware Fill option

Once the object is selected, go to the Edit menu > Content-Aware Fill. It will open a new window.

The picture on the left features the original image with a green shape. This shape this indicates that that area is being taken as an example to remove an object

As the product pages are being generated in your desired language, you’ll see a preview of what they will look like on the right side of your screen and have options to customize them.

Photoshop will define an area around the object to use as a sample when you replace it. You can use the brush to add or remove those parts that should not be used as padding to cover the space of your object.

Select the New Layer option

Make sure your finished image is on a separate layer, so that you can continue to make changes to the original raw file.

This tool will allow you to cover up the space of your object with a fill. This is great because it will let you edit your image without destroying anything.

You’ll soon realise that deleting object in Photoshop is very easy, you just have to select the elements you want to delete and your image will look as if it has never been touched.

Photoshop Tutorial by PhotosEditingServices.com from PESs.