Wedding Photo Editing Services

Fast, low-priced wedding photo editing services starting at only $0.20. Quick delivery in 1-3 days.

Wedding Photos Editing

You have a dream, something special, something to cherish, something beautiful, and you deserve to have that dream memorialized as it was meant to be. No wedding is perfect, but there’s no reason your wedding photos have to reflect that. With our wedding photo retouching service, you can control what you’d like to remember and take out the things you’d rather not. Click below to get a free quote on your wedding photo retouching. You only have one day. Let us make it special.

Wedding Photography Editing Services We Provide:

Remove add object/People

Is there something that doesn’t belong? Maybe there’s a table in front of your wedding dance, or someone running past as you feed each other cake. Don’t let anything tarnish your memories of your perfect day. Let our wedding photo editing service remove anything blocking your perfect view. Request a free quote or order your wedding photo retouching now.


Sometimes it’s the little things, maybe a stray hair, a glaring light, sweat, or just a grainy image. Our retouching service is quick and precise. We’ll restore the aesthetic of your photographs without altering their natural beauty. Request a free quote for your wedding photo retouching service or start your order now.

HDR photo blending

Sometimes it seems like we only have one chance to take the perfect photograph. But one chance is never perfect, and perfect is exactly what you deserve on your special day. So don’t settle for one picture. With our photo editing service, you can blend multiple images and take the best from each one. Ask for a free quote or start your wedding photo retouching order now.

Removing & changing background

Don’t focus on what’s behind you. Focus on the love, that special dance, the kiss. Ignore the background, change it, or transport yourself somewhere special with our background removing and changing service. Ask for a free quote or start your order now.

Culling & color correction services

Imagine a lavender bouquet, a single spot of color flying through a black and white landscape, or a pink rose in your hair, its color enhanced to stand out against your flushed skin and wedding gown. Color has power, and you can utilize that power with our color correction wedding photo editing service. Ask for a free quote or start your order now. Add a little color to your wedding.

Photoshop composite and manipulation

With a mouse, a dream and a skilled eye, anything is possible. Turn your reception into a fairy garden, add in wisps of energy, or make your dress glow. Our Photoshop photo editing service is the ultimate creation tool. Ask for a free quote or start your order now.

Clothes adjustment/wrinkles removal

Imagine having to see a wine stain or a dark smudge on your wedding gown every time you look at your old photos. With our clothes adjustment wedding photo editing service, we can remove or alter any outfit to fit the occasion. Ask for a free quote or order your wedding photo retouching service now.

Makeup adjustment

Runny mascara, smudged lipstick, a tiny red dot on your teeth that haunts your wedding photos forever—just imagine, having to see that every single time you pull out your old photographs. Don’t bother with it. Our wedding photo retouching service can fix and even adjust your makeup at low-cost to you. Ask for a free quote or order your photo editing service now.

Stray hair removal – after

A stray hair might seem like a small thing, but not on a wedding day—and definitely not when it’s backed by the sun’s glare. We can remove that tiny imperfection seamlessly with our wedding photo editing service. Ask for a free quote or order your wedding photo retouching now.

Skin tone fixing

Skin tone can make or break a photograph. If the light hit you wrong, or you’ve simply been sitting in the sun all day, you need our skin tone wedding photo retouching service. Ask for a free quote or order our wedding photo editing service now.

How Does It Work

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Let us match your photography with your fantasy. All you have to do is send your photos to our wedding photo retouching service team, with your email attached, and a personal photo editor will respond within the hour. Their primary focus will be on the general aesthetic. We want your wedding to shine, so we’ll use our skills to make that happen by editing the color, the lighting, and anything else that might need retouching. If you’d like more attention to your work, you’re welcome sit down and talk to your personal photo editor about your individual concerns. Click below to contact us on Whatsapp, get a free quote or create a new order.

Wedding Photo Editing Packages:

Wedding Light

$150 per Wedding
Wedding Pack Light Includes: Color correction up to 700 photos No contracts and hidden fees Turnaround time 1-3 days

Wedding Pro

$200 per Wedding
Wedding Pack Pro Includes: Color correction up to 700 photos Basic retouching up to 20 photos High end retouching up to 5 photos

Fast Wedding Photo Editing Quotation without Registration

You don’t want to wait forever for your photos, and neither do your loved ones. Give them something to look back on right away. We build our entire wedding photo retouching process around both quality and expediency—from the time you contact us to the moment we send you the finished results. We can usually respond to your communications within the hour, and most of our services be completed within 1-3 days. If the job is bigger, we will work with you to figure out a schedule that fits your needs. You won’t have to sit and wonder how long the job will take.

Wedding Photos Editing Benefits

  1. Capable team of talented wedding photo editors and photo specialists with significant experience is available to deal with event photography and wedding photo alterations.
  2. Following your photographic style, a wedding photo editing service is made to accommodate your rules and desires. Alterations are made to get merely stunning results. Wedding Photo Retouching Service will not rest until you are delighted.
  3. We will add digital effects to make your wedding photo look ethereal. You will forever remember the perfect day of your life.
  4. Wedding photo adjustment rate starts from $0.05 per photo, picture winnowing from $0.05 per picture, concealing modification from 0.20 for each image.
  5. You can send us a model photo to grasp what picture adjusting style to stick to while updating your photographs. If you have a specific requirement, don’t spare a moment to address while placing an order.