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Object alteration is a pattern of online photo editing that consolidates adding new details or background to the pictures for improvement. Its point is to make the photo more attractive that would make the customers compelled to buy the thing without hesitation.
The object editing service is created for people who sell their products like food and drinks.

Ecommerce Photo Editing Service Includes:

Retouching and cleaning:

We understand how to give your product photos a selling look without over-photoshopping. Drop us a message if that is what you want.

Ghost mannequin:

If you have to give your product a 3D sway, you can utilize P, and we will use the Ghost Mannequin strategy to achieve that result.

Adding shadows/reflection:

Fixing shadows and reflections can be an energy-consuming task, and if you wish to manage shadows and reflection, then you can place an order at Photo Editing Services, and we’ll make sure about delivering what you want.

Recoloring elements:

If you have a couple of similar things with the principle contrast – their shades, you can snap an image of a particular object and, after that, hire our recoloring services, and we’ll make sure about delivering what you want.

Clipping path/masking:

While retouching headshots, we also edit the background area. PhotosEditingServices retouchers can delete distracting items, replace the background with a more suitable variant, as well as make it blurry.


If you have photos that require turning and resizing, hire Us for speedy and magnificent product photos rotation and resizing services.

Background removal:

An establishment can either improve or break your product’s aura on photos. We know how photos should look, and we can make your photographs look their parts.

Reshape, Liquify, and make symmetrical:

The task of reshaping, consolidating, and fixing your product’s image is our forte’. We offer techniques to handle reshaping and overall image symmetry for your work.

Creative photo editing:

Innovative object photo changing requires creative vision, understanding of concealing plans, and a sharp eye to the details. Product Retouching experts can display all of these qualities and impressively more. Hire our Product editing service and see everything for yourself.

How Does It Work

We understand what the customer requires, which is why we are at the top of the chain. We will do color correction, add texture, and reshape the product for you as accordingly.

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We offer a discount for those who order 50-250 product images per order.

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We offer a discount for those who order 250-1000 product images per order.

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We offer a discount for those who order 1000-5000 product images per order.

Quick Product Photo Retouching Quotation without Registration

If you spent a costly expense on your product photo editing, but the results were lacking, contact us immediately. Mark out the patterns you need us to change, and we will create what you want, giving your product photos a new life. It is a necessary and fast way of dealing with the problem without any headaches. Just form your email under your name, and you are good to go.