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5 Tips to Edit your Photos Faster

Photo Editing Tips

A few of the things that a beginner photographer should always keep in mind is that editing is
not as simple as YouTube tutorials. The vast difference which I noticed between my own
techniques as a beginner and an expert photographer was the lack of experience.

It should not be a surprise that photo retouching and editing requires hours and hours of long and tedious lingering. We spend long amount of time in front of our desktop to deliver perfection that our clients expect.

Over my time in the photo editing business, I have learned quite a few tricks. These tricks can be
summed up into only 5 major points. Take a look at these:

Select the photos before passing them to the editing program: Remember patience is
the key. You cannot rush adding the photos into the program. It will end up overloading
and the problematic part is that all of these overloaded photos are not going to be
processed. For example, there are approximately 200 photos but you do not wish to
include 50 in the test, it would be easier if you discard them beforehand. There are plenty
of programs that give you this option to preview photos in good quality before the
processing starts. Even though programs such as Lightroom have these features, they are
proven to be slow. It all depends on the quantity and quality.

Use the synchronisation tool: If you have several photos that possess the same lightening effect, then this tool is perfect for the job. Instead of editing each photo manually, we apply this technique and merge the editing effects. This is a perfect tool to create editing clones in each photograph on its own. However it does not mean that we will neglect form our responsibilities to our clients. We review and revise each photograph in case if it needs additional editing. We finalize it and send it to our clients.

Create or use presets: If you have a signature editing skill meaning that there are a few
elements in the photograph which you would usually edit, then this is the best suited
technique for you. Whether it is exposure, color correction, light adjustment, contrast,
and so on, we create presets or pre-established setting. It is a very simple technique to
use. All you need is to press a button and all of your worries will go away. It is also good
in case if you are buying presets from other photo editors. You can also purchase our
presets which are mentioned in the tutorial.

The photographic style shows the similarities of several different photos, which belong to the same photographer. 

Define your photo editing style: One of the stages of photo editing is brainstorming.
Unless you know exactly what you want, you would not know what to do. In my earlier
time, I was editing all of my photographs manually using separate tools that gave
different effects like black and white, vintage, sepia tine, etc. it is a great way to make the
photographs appear as if they were taken by different photographers. Since I was new to
the business and did not have a signature style, I was spending most of my time editing
rather than discovering new things. It took me quite a few months to finally declare my
own photo editing style. You should know that your clients expect you to withhold your
specific style of editing. That is the reason why they hire you in the first place. So try to
reassure the client that you are consistent with the results.

Delegate part of the editing to someone else: It does not matter how much you enjoy
editing or like sitting in front of your desktop, you should consult another editor if the
workload increases. Your focus should remain on maintaining your standard and making
sure that the client gets what he needs. In the end it is not worth spending all of this time on front of a computer that you can easily be spending securing more clients and developing investments. If you don’t know where to look, then you should personally train an editor who can do your work for you. Your duties will be reduced significantly to supervision and fixing small details. That is how you will be able to spend more time on the business aspect of the photo editing services. If you have more questions then you can watch our tutorial and contact us.

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